Monday, September 23, 2013

99 True and Interesting facts about girls..!

1. Girls don’t always know what they want.

2. Say something sweet, she likes it. This is one of the best things that you guys should always remember doing, as often as you could especially when she’s not in the mood. A little appreciation about how good she is looking in your date and when she smells great is something that would put a smile on her face even just for a while and would soon ease the tensions within her.
3. Girls always think that they could look better, so guys should inform them of their beauty.
4. Never compare her to other women, even your own mom.
5. Girls try to hint at what they want from guys, they don’t like to say it.
6. A guys girlfriend wants to be the only hand that he wants to hold.
7. If girls flirt with their guy friends in front of their boyfriends, it usually doesn’t mean anything except that they’ve been friends with that guy longer then you have been their boyfriend. Don’t get offended.
8. If a girl wants to meet a guys family, let them. It means they care.
9. When a girl will ditch her friends to hang out with a guy, its a big deal.
10. Girls don’t like to like guys that aren’t over their ex-girlfriends.
11. Girls don’t like to talk about ex’s.
12. If you call a girl “Hot” it doesn’t mean anything. 
13. When a girl doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t talk much.
14. If a girl is mad at her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to say anything about it, she just wishes he’d know.
15. When girls don’t want to talk about their ex-boyfriend, shes probably not completely over him. 
16. If a girl will sit by her boyfriend’s friends, she really cares about him.
17. When a guy still loves a girl at her worst look, it lets her think that he is sincere about her.
18. Girls love surprises and gifts especially during important occasions. A girl may expect something from her boyfriend but that doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger.
19. Girls love to cuddle!
20. If a girl will be a guys girlfriend, she really likes him.
21. All girls flirt, some don’t mean it.
22. Girls like it when guys ask advice from them. This action just shows that you trust her, and that she’s someone you can count on.
23. Girls already know the truth even before they ask you. So be careful guys.
24. If a girl likes a certain item of clothing that her boyfriend wears, he should wear it more.
25. When girls write guys notes, that guy should keep them.
26. If a guy remembers something important to a girl that she said and he brings it up later, it makes that girls feel special.
27. Girls want a guy to prove that there not all the same.
28. If a girl admits that she misses a guy, she really does.
29. Girls hesitate to fall in love because they always assume they’ll get hurt. Prove to your girl you won’t hurt her.
30. Girls feel flattered if a guy would greet him first in their special occasions (e.g. monthsaries, anniversaries, etc.) because a guy tend to be forgetful.
31. Girls love it when guys say sweet things in front of their friends, but understand if they don’t.
32. If a girl tells a guy she was talking about him with her friends, its always about something good.
33. She doesn’t expect you to read her mind; she wants you to ask her.
34. Sometimes, girls test guys to see how they’ll react.
35. If a guy knows a girl isn’t over her ex-boyfriend, don’t call her out on it, show her how much better you are.
36. Girls love to be stared at sometimes. Looking straight in her eyes tells something, this melts her heart especially when she is attracted to you.
37. Girls like guys who can protect her.
38. If a girl really wants to be with a guy, she’ll make sure it happens.
39. Girls don’t like too flirty guys. Flirting with a lot of girls simply means you’re not a one-woman-man; remember that actions speak louder all the time.
40. If a girl is still in love with someone else, they will never say anything bad about them.
41. When a girl slow dances with her boyfriend in the kitchen, with no music on, thats when he knows she’s in love with him.
42. Girls sometimes think if you love them more than you love your exes. And sometimes conclude that you are still not over with your last ex-girlfriend.
43. Changing for the better will let her stick with you. It simply means that you want to grow with her inside the relationship you are building.
44. Girls are more observant than guys think.
45. When girls say NO, it only means keep trying. Girls are inconsistent, especially when deciding for their guy’s interests.
46. When you meet your girlfriend’s mom and she says she’s heard a lot about you, trust her.
47. Girls love to be spoiled. They sometimes have this childish part of them that really comes out especially when they want something really badly.
48. If a girl lays her head on her guys chest and just listens to his heartbeat, she’s listening to see if it will tell her what he’s thinking.
49. Be protective, but not too much. She likes it when you care for her, but not to the point of choking her at times.
50. Girls think too much.
51. When girls say nothing is wrong, shes lying. Everything is wrong. 
52. If a girl’s heart has been shattered, she’ll be hesitant to talk about her problems to a guy at first. 
53. Sharing your future family plans is important to her. This is your chance to show her how serious you are, especially when you are ready to have a family with her.
54. If a girl dumps a guy because she thinks she can’t make him happiest, that’s love.
55. Girls feel insecure with their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.
56. Girls like to be called beautiful all the time. Complimenting how she looks is a big deal for her, telling her how beautiful she is more than enough.
57. Girls love it when guys say they love something about them, like their smile.
58. Girls are good detectives. Some just does not open it up with their boyfriend.
59. Knowing her likes and dislikes is cool for her. This means that you are that interested to get to know her better and to make ways to make her happy.
60. Girls love romantic guys. Kiss her under the rain and in front of your family and friends, it’s not that hard.
61. If a girl wants you to be with her, you’ll know it.
62. If you break a girls heart, she’ll never be the same.
63. When a girl holds a guys hand, she never wants to let it go.
64. Never underestimate the feelings a girl has for her boyfriend.
65. If a girl really loves you, she won’t be able to see anything bad about you.
66. Girls are sometimes drama queens, but you are not allowed to call her that. It would make the whole situation worst, just go with the flow and be the man she needs for the moment.
67. If a girl thinks you’ll judge her for something, she’ll never open up to you fully.
68. When a girl tells you about things she loves, like staring at stars or listening to the rain, shes falling for you.
69. Girls adore guys who don’t only think about sex.
70. It hurts girls to dump guys.
71. If a girl really cares about a guy, you can see it in her eyes.
72. Girls can flirt with every guy around, but at the end of the day, she’ll be watching the sun set with the one she truly loves.
73. If a girl tells you a secret, don’t ever let it go.
74. When girls hear about their boyfriend bragging about the little things, like watching tv together, it makes them appreciate him more.
75. Girls hate it when guys ignore them.
76. Girls never touch guys by accident.
77. Hugging her without a reason is a very sweet thing for her, especially when you do it surprisingly.
78. When a girl asks a guy what their thinking, they really do care.
79. First rule when you enter her life, never cheat! You would want to think twice before getting involved with two girls at the same time. It’s just whether one girl would stick with you, or both girls would slap and make the hell out of you, so be sure that you are really a good guy when you are looking for a good girl.
80. Girls love special things especially when it’s given as a surprise. Do something special for her sometimes. Doing something like giving her flowers and stuff toys just for no reason would make her day very important and worth remembering. Making girls feel exceptional would make them feel good about themselves as and will take away some of their insecurities as well.
81. Girls look at the other girls that their boyfriend is with as their enemy.
82. Girls hate it when their guy friends make fun of their boyfriend.
83. Try to be interested with her interests. Girls would really appreciate a guy who makes an effort to blend-in with her hobbies.
84. Make time for her. The time that you give her is very important for her, and as much as possible any disturbances should not be an option for you or else she will feel taken for granted.
85. If a girl hates someone, her boyfriend should probably not talk to them.
86. A good way to make a girl mad is not trust her when she’s being honest.
87. Walk her home after a date, she wants to feel safe. Even if girls do not say it, they want to be walked safely to their homes. Doing this as a gentleman would be a very big thing, especially for girls who just observing you if you can really take care of them.
88. Girls love it when the guy doesn’t take long to reply and keep the conversation going.
89. Girls want to feel that your proud of having them. They may not tell you but sometimes they want you to show them off to your family and friends.
90. Treat your girl right, or someone else will.
91. If a girl laughs at a guys every joke, she likes him.
92. Don’t make her say something repeatedly. This manner would really pick something on girls, and if you keep on asking her about something for the 3rd and 4th time, it just shows and means that you are not interested and not listening carefully to what she is talking about.
93. Girls know when a guy is lying.
94. Girls are way too forgiving. Don’t take advantage of it.
95. If a girl says your important to her, its true.
96. When girls hold their boyfriends tight, they never want to let that moment go.
97. Girls remember little things the most.
98. When a girl is being serious, listen to her.
99. When guys tell something meaningful, girls treasure it. Your evocative words that catch girl’s attention would really last a lifetime in their hearts.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

oh! Justin Bieber?? : 7 Shocking secrets revealed!

7 Justin Beiber was sued for child support
According to Mariah Yeater, Bieber is the dad of her three month old son! She claims that the Biebs lost his virginity to her backstage in one of his concerts 9 months ago. Yeater is requesting that the 17 year old singer provide child support for her baby.

In response to the allegation, Beiber offered some basic denials, and offered to take a DNA paternity test. He also threatened to countersue Yeater after he took the test.

Before the results came in, Yeater permanently dropped the lawsuit.

6 Justin Bieber reportedly lost over 80,000 followers on Twitter after he cut his hair.

However, we checked the numbers on, and Bieber actually GAINED 40,000 followers the day after cutting his hair! In fact, he has gained a grand total of 120,000 followers in the four days that have followed the tweet about his new 'do. All this publicity definitely appears to have paid off - his hair has reached a bid of $12,000 on Ebay, with all of the proceeds going to charity. (Wanna buy some hair?

5 "Justin Bieber" got kicked off of Facebook.

 Bieber, a 35-year-old resident of Jacksonville, FL, was banned from the popular social networking site without any warning whatsoever. After six months on the website, it was apparently believed that he had been using a fake name (such as that of the teen pop sensation). He was also briefly banned from Ping, iTunes' new social network for music!

The poor guy also gets tons of fan mail (up to 10 letters a day) and calls from fans of the pop star.

4 Justin Bieber's Baby is the most liked and disliked video on Youtube

Justin Bieber's Baby music video on JustinBieberVEVO currently holds the record for the most viewed video with more than 668 million views!

But Bieber's video is a battlefield, most people that get on the video get there to get into a fight that holds as Haters vs. 'Beliebers'. But currently haters are winning the battle with 2 million dislikes.

But why do people really hate Bieber? As dragoncommander92 said, "Beliebers, easy troll material." Beliebers are a group of mostly girls who follow Justin Bieber.

3 The word ‘never’ is said a total of 73 times in the Justin Bieber song “Never Say Never”.

This comes out to a ‘never’ uttered once every 3.15 seconds! And if you don’t count the 40-second rap interlude by Jaden Smith (in which no ‘nevers’ are spoken), ‘never’ is said every 2.6 seconds throughout the song! I’ll tell you one thing though - I NEVER want to have to listen to this song again...counting those was the worst.

2 Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe thought that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was a woman

No, not in person. (I know you were thinking it).

His first impression of Bieber's music was that it was a woman singing, not a teenage boy.

Apparently the star of the famous Harry Potter series doesn't have the opportunity to catch up on modern pop music. He usually listens to punk, ska, and alternative music.

Radcliffe's Bieber mix-up explained in an MTV interview.

1 Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 2 minutes. 

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Monday, September 16, 2013

What are you afraid of? : Top 10 Weird Phobias People


It is no surprise that every second person on Earth does face some kind of fear. It could be fear of anything and maybe have developed in a human being at a very tender age. Very often, this fear stems itself as a part of us. On many occasions, this fear defines who we are, and this is when we face the real symptoms of this fear. Phobia, as this fear is defined, is found in a lot of people. Different phobias, different individuals and different perceptions. Here are some of the phobias, the most common ones that are found in human beings:

10. Trypanophobia

A person having trypanophobia is afraid with anything to do with the needle. In simple terms, it is the fear of needles. Such people face problems when it comes to taking medical aid through injections and blood tests. Trypanophobia frequently causes people to suffer from blood pressure and causes their heart rate to drop. People with needle phobia avoid visiting the doctor or dentist. Although the actual phobia is of needles, the more generalized fear is of medical and dental healthcare providers. As a matter of fact, people suffering from needle phobia try and avoid routine checkups as much as possible.

 9. Arachnophobia:

Are you scared of spiders? Ever encountered a weird spider experience in your childhood that still haunts you today? Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Here, one doesn’t just hate the look of these creatures; they also feel uneasy in a place that might shelter many spiders. Arachnophobia causes people to fear spider webs too. Imagine you are with your friend in an old house, with spider webs everywhere. You might dislike the presence of spiders and spider webs and can still stand in that room. However, your friend will be immensely uneasy and would be reluctant to stand with you any longer. Your dear friend has intense arachnophobia. They just won’t enter a given area even if they know there is just one spider there. An arachnophobic person quite naturally feels a spider is crawling up his/her arm the moment he spots a spider in a niche. Such is the fear of a spider in arachnophobes. This phobia, however, can be treated with hypnotherapy sessions over a phase. Try telling your dear friend who is extremely scared about spiders that some communities in South America include spiders in their daily meals. His face will be one of extraordinary complexions, good enough to frame for the wall.

8. Brontophobia:

Brontophobia is the fear of storms. It also is the fear of thundering and lighting alike. This fear has symptoms like panic attacks, quick breathing, and rapid heartbeat. Most children take to hiding whenever thunder and lightning strikes. They hide under beds, inside closets or tuck themselves up under the blankets. Storms are natural phenomena that tend to inspire strong emotions in both humans and animals. Most people enjoy watching these phenomena. The might sit down in their verandah with a hot bowl of soup, enjoying the weather. At the opposite extreme, both humans and animals may develop brontophobia, or a fear of thunder and lightning.

 7. Sociaphobia:

The fear of socializing and being judged in society is Sociaphobia. Such a person feels he is constantly being watched in the society, and that his every move his being supervised. Social anxiety takes over a sociaphobic person completely. ‘What will people say if I do this?’, ‘what will people say if I do that?’’No, if I do so and so thing, people will watch me’. Such are the thoughts of people who feel the fear of being evaluated in the society. This often happens in a large gathering especially, where a person fearing social interaction refuses to speak out. Again, he/she thinks of public evaluation as a fear factor. A sociaphobic person refuses to act out on a public level, thinking personal humiliation is round the corner. Such people are anxious about public gatherings, public speaking and even interviews. Excessive self-consciousness often takes over a person who is afraid of mingling in the society, thus placing him on a backward step. The consequences of this phobia aren’t the best, as it can hamper individual performances in school or at work. It must be noted here, that this phobia differs from shyness to an extent. A person might be excellent on stage, with his performances. However, he might still feel uncomfortable being in the social arena, surrounded by people who he thinks is watching him. Very often, sociaphobia causes people to not be free while eating in front of other people. Many people, as mentioned above have the fear of public speaking. It is not because they are afraid of speaking in public, it is because they feel whatever they say might come under scrutiny. Again, it’s the fact of being judged by society that creeps in.

 6. Aviophobia:

An aviophobic person can never be superman, for obvious reasons. You thought correct! A person with aviophobia is afraid of flying. Scientific studies have tried to find the exact reasons that give people the fear of flying. Studies suggest it could be the fear of heights, or the fear of not being in control of the plane. Here, a passenger might feel he isn’t controlling the plane and cannot get out at will. Other common causes are fear of hijacking, terrorism and panic attacks. The past decade has seen a rise in airplane crashes, thus increasing the fear of flying amongst specific people. However, it has surprised researchers that the fear of flying has such a high percentage, keeping in mind that travelling by road has more risks involved. But, in a world where moving quickly from place to place by air is more prominent, those who fear flying brave themselves and get into those planes. The human race would like to thank the Wright Brothers for not having Aviophobia! Had they suffered from fear of flying, would we have all those big planes today

5. Claustrophobia:

Claustrophobia is the fear of being in a confined space. Many people feel this sense of anxiety whenever they find themselves in areas that are extremely enclosed. Individuals suffering from claustrophobia suffer from panic attacks on most occasions whenever they find themselves in closed areas like elevators, closed cabins or an aircraft. Panic attacks often prevent an individual from escaping the situation of being confined. The mind’s ability to think reduces, making a person more aware that he/she is in a confined area. Intense research says this fear could be due to traumatic experiences during childhood. A person find them-self in the lift when there is a power failure. S/he is thus stuck in the lift, and immediately starts to panic instead of being calm and thinking practically. S/He starts suffocating and breathing hard as a result of the panic attack that grips him. Such a person is claustrophobic.

4. Acrophobia:

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. People with this phobia avoid getting themselves at huge heights. However, once they find themselves on extremely tall buildings, they suffer a panic attack that makes them anxious about getting down safely. People with acrophobia also suffer the fear of flying, for obvious reasons. Scientists pointed out an important conclusion of acrophobic people, and that is they can never suicide from tall buildings. A big advantage in their favor one would imagine. Why do people fear heights? The most logical explanation put forth is that they fear falling from a height that can cause death. A person with the fear of heights has it in his head that he will still fall from a height even if he is standing safely away from the edges of his compounded area. Such is the fear that an acrophobic person faces. Acrophobic people live as near to the ground level as possible. I sit here and wonder what an acrophobic person would do on the 135th floor of the World’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It certainly would be interesting to see how that person behaves.

3. Emetophobia:

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting or being around people who vomit. Such a fear could have developed during childhood. If a small kid vomits badly, and he finds it a very disturbing incident, he will fear vomiting for the rest of his life. Emetophobia grips him. As a matter of fact, most people with this fear try desperately to avoid vomiting themselves. Interestingly, people who fear vomiting take active steps to avoid falling sick. Hence, they avoid situations where they might face vomiting issues, thus keeping them on a very healthy road. On the other hand, emetophobic people taking every single step to distance themselves from people who vomit. These people avoid being in place where the risk of people vomiting are more. Emetophobic people, who take every step to avoid vomiting, follow certain eating diets that non-emetophobics might find unusual. To name a few of these habits, emetophobic people avoid eating food that has been touched by others while some may eat in a way that they digest their food properly, reducing the risks of vomiting. Emetophobics always make sure they eat ’safe’ food and are hence very particular wherever they eat. Getting back to those Emetophobes who avoid being next to people who vomit. Such people, when they see a person vomiting feel they have been infected even if they are standing at a distance. They get a sense of uneasiness and can often get dizzy at the sight. Most emetophobics fear vomiting themselves, but in many cases, they fear seeing others vomiting which can induce an even greater phobic response than if they were to be sick themselves. On a basic level, all emetophobics take to avoiding sick people, overeating, compulsive hand-washing and compulsive expiration.

2. Carcinophobia:

Carcinophobia is the fear of cancer causing people with the fear to face extreme nervousness. This fear of cancer alters the lifestyles of many people and also forces them to stay away from their loved ones. People with the fear of cancer often feel nauseated and experience  panic attacks, rapid breathing and increased sweatiness. People with the fear of cancer miss out on the joyful experiences in life, while they sit to battle their fear of cancer. It isn’t necessary that the person suffers from cancer, but the thought of being attacked by cancer just takes away the quality of their lifestyle. Fear of cancer affects the working class people to a large extent. People with this fear see their performances reduce in the workplace as a result of a diverted mindset, and increased anxiety, thus causing them to lose out on income potentials. Cancer phobia is caused by the subconscious mind. It could be that you encountered with an incident linking you to cancer in the past that is stimulating the cancer phobia inside you. Many people see incident involving cancer, like watching a movie or a serial that depicts cancer and this increases the fear of getting cancer in them. They constantly try and think how they can avoid cancer and what they can do to be safe. The fret, and spend their time on these issues, thus losing out on more important things in life.

1. Nyctophobia:

Nyctophobia is the fear of dark. Fear of darkness is mostly present in children. However, as the child matures and grows bigger, this very fear of the dark gets subdued. Most people avoid getting into dark spaces alone, and often prefer companionship. It could be walking down a dark alley, or walking on the streets at night. People who find the darkness scary often tend to think of the spookyness that closes in on them in darkness. They become cold, and feel the immediate need to get out of that darkness. Such people often sleep at night keeping the night-light on too. It’s more prominent amongst children given their immature mindset at their tender age. When people who are afraid of the dark are left alone in a dark room, their body generally shows nervous responses in the form of stiffness and increased heart-beat. To them, it’s more a sense of horror and scariness.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's see without eyes??

Ben Underwood lives with his family in the suburbs of Sacramento, California where he attends his local high school. Like any other 14-year-old boy, he loves to play with his friends and chat to girls his age, with whom he seems popular. He looks like any other boy, until he removes his $4,600, hand-crafted eyes. Ben is blind and, like other blind people, relies on some specialist equipment to survive. He uses talking computer software and a Braille machine to help with his homework.

Ben does not have a guide dog, uses no stick, and does not even use his hands to aid his mobility. Instead, he has developed something of a super sense: he is the only person in the world who navigates using clicks. As he walks, he makes a continuous clicking noise with his tongue. As these clicks echo around him, he is able to draw up a detailed mental plan of his surroundings and adjust his direction accordingly.

So accurate is his technique that he is even able to go rollerblading on the street, negotiating narrow gaps between parked cars that even sighted children might find challenging. In fact, Ben’s mother, Aquanetta, inds that her son is far more attentive to the dangers of the road than his friends, always the first to move onto the pavement when a car approaches.

Ben first noticed his talent at the age of seven, when at summer camp. While it began as just a habit, Ben explains, he soon realised that it had potential benefits for navigation. He began to practise every day and developed the system to the point it is at today. It is the fact that Ben is entirely self-taught that is perhaps most astonishing and has led people to use the term ‘genius’ when referring to the boy. (Excerpt from

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Fact: Who Really Built the Pyramids of Giza? Aliens or Geniuses?


The Great Pyramids of Giza
When people think of Egypt, the Great Pyramids of Giza are the first things that come to mind.  They are the iconic image of Egypt and for good reasons.  However, nothing can prepare you for the sense of wonderment you will feel when you first see them for yourself.  They are simply fascinating.  At 4,000 years old, they have outlived the other 6 wonders of the world.  We know why they were built, as tombs for the pharaohs, but how?  Well, I don’t have the answer for that, nor does anyone else, but take a look at all the run down ruins in front of the sphinx, this might be the answer.  This is a town where possibly the tens of thousands of workers lived.  It is thought to be an entire town developed specifically for the purpose of getting the pyramids built.  And despite the Hollywood reputation of ancient Egypt, these workers were not slaves.  Instead, they were skilled farmers that came to build the pyramids during the Nile flood season.  But, despite the evidence, many still think the pyramids were far too advanced for their time to have been built by ancient Egyptians.  Many believe it was aliens, angels, or some other unearthly being.  The engineering is WAY before it’s time and given that modern technology and science can’t even recreate such structures, maybe they were created by an otherworldly being.  Here’s some amazing facts about The Great Pyramid (the one to the right in the photo), also called the Pyramid of Khufu, and I’ll let you decide for yourself how they were created:

There are about 2.3 million limestone rocks, each weighing about 2.5 tons.

The placement of the stones is to the exact same millimeter.

The Pyramid is aligned facing the exact position of North during the time.

The Pyramid sits exactly in the center of the Earth’s land mass.

Okay, now it starts getting tricky!

The perimeter of the base is 36,524.  When divided by 100, it is 365.24, the exact number of days there are in a  tropical year to the exact 5 digits.

The length of the diameter of the Pyramid, when measured as a circle, is also 365.24.

The ratio of the length of Grand Gallery, a room in the Pyramid, to the length of the Kings Chamber is also equal to 365.24.

The height of the Pyramid is 5,449 inches.  This is also the average height of land above sea.

The curvature on the face of the the Pyramid exactly matches the curvature of the Earth.

The descending passage of the Pyramid was exactly aligned with the North Star at the time.

All three of the pyramids are aligned with the belt of Orion.

At noon during the spring equinox, the pyramid has no shadow.

These facts are only a fraction of what makes the Great Pyramid arguably the most remarkable structure in the world.  There are a lot more facts with the precise of engineering, the significance to the calendar, correlations with geometric measurements of the sun and moon, correspondences to the sun and Earth’s radius, similarities to the Earth’s volume and mass and speed around the sun, the speed of light, star alignments, precession of the equinoxes… you get the idea!  The pyramids were really thought through!  The ancient Egyptians were either geniuses of all times, or in fact, the pyramids were built by some supernatural being.  Either way, there is no denying their marvel.  How do you think these mysterious pyramids were built?

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Real-life Superheroes: 10 People with Incredible Abilities

With so many superhero movies around, such as Spiderman or Hulk, we are used to see people with special abilities in fiction. But people with amazing abilities actually do exist in real life; here's a list of 10 of the most amazing of these people! 

1 The Incredible Brain (Daniel Tammet)

Daniel Paul Tammet is a British high-functioning autistic savant gifted with a facility for mathematical calculations, sequence memory, and natural language learning. He was born with congenital childhood epilepsy. Experiencing numbers as colors or sensations is a well-documented form of synesthesia, but the detail and specificity of Tammet's mental imagery of numbers is unique. In his mind, he says, each number up to 10,000 has its own unique shape and feel, that he can "see" results of calculations as landscapes, and that he can "sense" whether a number is prime or composite. He has described his visual image of 289 as particularly ugly, 333 as particularly attractive, and pi as beautiful. Tammet not only verbally describes these visions, but also creates artwork, particularly watercolor paintings, such as his painting of Pi.

Tammet holds the European record for memorising and recounting pi to 22,514 digits in just over five hours. He also speaks a variety of languages including English, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Estonian, Icelandic, Welsh and Esperanto. He particularly likes Estonian, because it is rich in vowels. Tammet is creating a new language called Mänti. Tammet is capable of learning new languages very quickly. To prove this for the Channel Five documentary, Tammet was challenged to learn Icelandic in one week. Seven days later he appeared on Icelandic television conversing in Icelandic, with his Icelandic language instructor saying it was "not human."

2 The Boy with Sonar Vision (Ben Underwood)

Ben Underwoodtaught is blind, both of his eyes were removed (cancer) when he was 3. Yet, he plays basketball, rides on a bicycle, and lives a quite normal life. He taught himself to use echo location to navigate around the world. With no guide-dogs, he doesn't even need hands: he uses sound. Ben makes a short click sound that bounces back from objects. Amazingly, his ears pick up the ecos to let him know where the objects are. He's the only person in the world who sees using nothing but eco location, like a sonar or a dolphin.

3 The Rubberboy (Daniel Browning Smith)

Five time Guiness Record holder, The Rubberboy is the most flexible man alive and the most famous contortionist. He has been in many professional basketball or baseball games and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ESPN's Sports Center, Oprah Winfrey, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Cirque du Soleil, Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Discovery Channel, Men in Black 2, HBO's Carnivale, and CSI: NY and American got a talent. He dislocates his arms to crawl through an unstrung tennis racquet. He performs contortion handstands and unique acrobatics.

4 Mister Eat-it-All (Michel Lotito)

Michel Lotito (born 1950) is a French entertainer, famous as the consumer of undigestables, and is known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mister Eat-it-all). Lotito's performances are the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and so on in items such as bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150, and smaller items which are disassembled, cut-up and swallowed. The aircraft took roughly two years to be 'eaten' from 1978 to 1980. He began eating unusual material while a child and has been performing publicly since 1966. Lotito does not often suffer from ill-effects due to his diet, even after the consumption of materials usually considered poisonous. When performing he consumes around a kilogram of material daily, preceding it with mineral oil and drinking considerable quantities of water during the 'meal'. He apparently possesses a stomach and intestine with walls of twice the expected thickness, and his digestive acids are, allegedly, unusually powerful, allowing him to digest a certain portion of his metallic meals.

5 King Tooth (Rathakrishnan Velu)

On August 30, 2007, the eve of Malaysia's 50th Independence Day, Rathakrishnan Velu (or Raja Gigi, as he is known locally) broke his own world record for pulling train with his teeth, this time with 6 coaches attached weighing 297.1 tons over a distance of 2.8 metres at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Raja Gigi, from Tampin in Malaysia learned a technique of concentrating his powers to any part of his body from an Indian guru at a young age of 14.

6 The Magnetic Man (Liew Thow Lin)

Liew Thow Lin, a 70-year-old retired contractor in Malaysia, recently made news for pulling a car twenty meters along a level surface by means of an iron chain hooked to an iron plate on his midriff. He says that he discovered he had the amazing ability to make objects stick "magnetically" to his skin, and now he's added car-pulling to his repertoire. After reading an article about a family in Taiwan who possessed such power, he says he took several iron objects and put them on his abdomen, and to his surprise, all the objects including an iron, stuck on his skin and didn't fall down. Since this "gift'' is also present in three of his sons and two grandchildren, he figures it's hereditary.

7 The Man who doesn't Sleep (Thai Ngoc)

Sixty-four-year-old Thai Ngoc, known as Hai Ngoc, said he could not sleep at night after getting a fever in 1973, and has counted infinite numbers of sheep during more than 11,700 consecutive sleepless nights. "I don't know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or not. But I'm still healthy and can farm normally like others," Ngoc said. Proving his health, the elderly resident of Que Trung commune, Que Son district said he can carry two 50kg bags of fertilizer down 4km of road to return home every day. His wife said, "My husband used to sleep well, but these days, even liquor cannot put him down." She said when Ngoc went to Da Nang for a medical examination, doctors gave him a clean bill of health, except a minor decline in liver function. Ngoc currently lives on his 5ha farm at the foot of a mountain busy with farming and taking care of pigs and chickens all day. His six children live at their house in Que Trung. Ngoc often does extra farm work or guards his farm at night to prevent theft, saying he used three months of sleepless nights to dig two large ponds to raise fish.

8 The Torture King (Tim Cridland)


Tim Cridland doesn't seem to feel pain like the rest of people. He astounded everyone by pushing needles into his arms without flinching and he now performs a terrifying act for audiences all over America. Scientific tests have shown that Tim can tolerate much higher levels of pain than are humanly possible. He explains that, by using mind over matter, he is able to push skewers through his body and put up with extreme heat and cold unharmed - but to do this safely he has extensively studied human anatomy, because puncturing an artery could be fatal.

 9 The Lion Whisperer (Kevin Richardson)

Animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson says he relies on instinct to win the hearts and form an intimate bond with the big cats. He can spend the night curled up with them without the slightest fear of being attacked. His magic works not only work for lions but other animals such as cheetahs, leopards and even hyenas do not hold a threat against him. Lions are his favourites and its a wonder how he can play, carress, cuddle with them whose teeth are sharp enough to bite through thick steel. Its a dangerous job but to Kevin, its more of a passion for him.

10 The Eye-Popping Man (Claudio Pinto)

Claudio Pinto can pop both of his eyes 4 cm (about 1 and a half inch) or 95% out of their sockets. He's now aiming (poppin'?) for a world record. Mr Pinto has undergone various tests and doctors say they have never seen or heard of a person who can pop the eyes as much as him. Mr Pinto, from Belo Horizonte, said: "It is a pretty easy way to make money. "I can pop my eyes out four centimetres each, it is a gift from God, I feel blessed."

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10 Reasons: Could the Moon Landing be a Hoax?


The results of recent surveys have shown that roughly 20% of Americans still believe, to this day, that the U.S. never really did make it to the moon. Conspiracy theorists even came up with the theory that the first ever moon landing was faked by the U.S. government as a way to claim victory in the space race against Russia. Of course they had to come up several reasons to support the claim and the following are just 10 of the many reasons why.
10. The Waving Flag

When the first moon landing was broadcasted on live television, it was obvious how the American flag seemed to be waving and fluttering as astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, planted it. This wouldn’t have been such an issue except for the fact that there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere and therefore no wind whatsoever to cause such an effect on the flag.
9. Lack of Impact Crater

The next claim puts forth the notion that there should be a blast crater underneath the lunar module, as a way of its marking its landing, but there were clearly none; no crater was visible both on video footage and photographs of the landings. Even the fine lunar dust covering the moon’s surface didn’t seem to have been displaced.
8. Multiple Light Sources

The moon only has one strong light source and that happens to be the sun which is why it’s common sense that all shadows in videos or photographs of the moon landings should run parallel to each other. This wasn’t the case, however, and shadows appeared to be falling in different directions suggesting that there might have been multiple light sources – like that on a film set instead of the moon.
7. The Van Allen Radiation Belt

The Van Allen radiation belt surrounds the Earth and is held in practically the same place by the Earth’s magnetic field. It is said that astronauts have to pass through this belt to get to the moon. The catch here, however, is that the belt contains high levels of radiation which could have fried the astronauts, with their not-quite-so-advanced protective layers and coatings, as they made their way to the moon.
6. The Unexplained Object

As seen in the above photograph from the Apollo 12 mission, conspiracy theorists were quick to spot a mysterious object in the reflection of the astronaut’s helmet which bore a very similar resemblance to an overhead spotlight common in film studios. But given the poor quality of the photograph, it’s hard to say if the speculation stands to be true or otherwise.
 5. Slow-Motion Walking and Hidden Cables

Another claim that suggests the moon landings are nothing more than a hoax is that slow-motion walking due to the low-gravity conditions on the moon had been mimicked by the astronauts – if you happen to take footage of the moon landings and increase the speed by 2.5x, you’ll see that the astronauts appear to be moving at a speed just like on Earth. The impressive jump height, on the other hand, was attributed to hidden cables and wires.
4. Lack of Stars

This particular argument is pretty convincing since there is after all no clouds on the moon which means stars are extremely visible and much brighter on the moon than through the filter of the Earth’s atmosphere. In photographic and video evidence – even those that were of high quality – no stars could be spotted.
3. The “C” Rock 

The photo of the “C” rock – a rock which appears to have the letter “C” engraved into it – is one of the more famous photos from the moon landings. Because the letter appears to be pretty much symmetrical, many conspiracy theorists believed that it could not have been a product of some natural occurrence and that the rock may very well be a prop with the letter “C” as a marker.
2. The Layered Cross-Hairs

There is nothing unusual about cross-hairs and them appearing in photos of the moon landings because the cameras used by the astronauts made use of these cross-hairs as a guide when it came to scaling and direction. What made it unusual was that in some photos, the cross-hairs appeared behind some of the objects in that scene which suggested that the photos had been edited or retouched after they were taken.
1. The Duplicate Backdrop

The two photos on the top, even though taken miles apart, clearly have identical backdrops; as shown in the third photograph at the bottom. Hardcore conspiracy theorists believed that NASA may have simply made use of the same background even when filming different scenes of the moon landings.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 Bizarre Creatures of the Amazon Rainforest

The fast-disappearing Amazon rainforest harbors some amazing creatures. Most of us have heard of vampire bats, piranhas and the anaconda, but among the forest’s inhabitants are weird and wonderful animals just as bizarre as the more famous ones, if not more so. Here are 10 of the most bizarre Amazon rainforest animals you’ve likely never heard of.

10 Kinkajou


This relative of the raccoon has golden fur and a tail that can grip branches. Also called the honey bear, it lives in trees and mainly eats fruit. It uses its five inch-long tongue to grasp hanging fruit and also to lick nectar from flowers.

9 Electric Eel


Dwelling in murky rivers, the electric eel delivers hundreds of volts that can stun a human. Deaths attributed to this animal are most likely from drowning when the paralyzed victim is unable to swim. The eel uses its “power” to kill prey and to navigate in poor visibility. Despite its name, the electric eel is not closely related to true eels but is the largest member of a group of electric fish called knife fish.

8 Poison Dart Frog

These brightly colored frogs are among the most toxic creatures on earth. Their coloration serves to warn potential predators. Some species’ toxin is so virulent that merely touching the animal can deliver a lethal dose. Scientists prefer to call them poison frogs, because in fact they are not widely used by Indians for dart poison. Called “curare” its main ingredient is from toxic vines.

7 Bullet Ant

The world’s largest ant grows to the size of your pinky and has a bite to match. It also stings like a wasp. Unlike most ants it is solitary during the day, although it lives in a colony, in a nest usually at the base of a tree. The origin of the name is uncertain. Perhaps being the size of a bullet is the reason, or because the pain of its sting is akin to a bullet. Another name is 24 hour ant, because of the time for the pain of the sting to wear off. Some local tribes have a coming of age ceremony in which the young man has to endure repeated stings without making a sound. (Women are spared the ordeal.)

6 Jesus Lizard

When fleeing from predators, this reptile runs along the surface of water such as a pond or stream. The lizard reaches about 5 miles per hour this way. It propels itself along the water, using surface tension to briefly support its weight. The lizard’s toes have flaps of skin to create a broader surface and an air pocket to enhance the surface tension. But the “miracle” soon gives way to physics and the lizard is forced to swim.

5 Fishing Bat

Eschewing the typical bat diet of insects, the world’s largest species of bat has claws like an osprey’s. It’s also called the bulldog bat because of its dog-like snout. In the dark of night, it swoop down on fish whose surface ripples it detects using its sonar. No other species of bat is able to fish.

4 Glass Frog

The glass frog’s flesh is entirely transparent, allowing you to see the internal organs, including the heart pumping away. The flesh thus takes on the hue of surrounding vegetation, making the frog hard to see.

3 Peanut Head Bug

This weird looking insect has a bulbous protuberance from its head that looks remarkably like unshelled peanut. The significance of this seeming encumbrance is uncertain, although scientists believe it may mimic a lizard’s head, and thus deter curious predators. The insect is otherwise defenseless although its wings bear spots that look like an owl’s eyes, all part of its arsenal of deception.

2 Potoo

During the day, the potoo rests atop a dead branch, perfectly still and with plumage that mimics its resting place, blending in with its surroundings. It is nocturnal, catching flying insects, so its statue-like behavior during the day serves to hide it from predators. In the next, the chicks also freeze in position, but instead resembling fungi.

1 Candiru Fish

This nasty creature, also called the toothpick fish, has been reported to swim up the urogenital tract of bathers and lodges itself therein. Removal by surgery is the only treatment. In nature, the pencil-shaped fish parasitizes the waste ducts of aquatic animals, and apparently finds human orifices irresistible.

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